Best news all week!

March 13, 2010

I’ve had a few texts tonight from Willem, updating us on Kate’s health.  He sounds better than I’ve heard him sound since last weekend.  We had the first glimmer of hope on Thursday when he was told that there was no new infection and she wasn’t any worse.  Last night’s update said that her numbers were trending better and skin tone was improving, but it would still be a long road to recovery.

This morning we heard that she had a good night and that they were planning to start weaning her off some medications to see how her body would react.

I kept busy all day and held my breath while waiting for news.

Tonight, Willem sent us the text we had been waiting for:  “So much to be positive about today. Kate is showing improvement in every area. The Drs. are very encouraged and so are we. Time to stop mourning and look forward to her recovery!!”

Deep breaths!

I got two more texts after that with other details.  They will be waking her up slowly over a number of days.  She was 95% sedated today and was responding to touch & voices with a flutter of her eyelids or a twitch of her finger.  Something to be positive about!

He told us that the doctors do not expect her to have any brain damage.

More deep breaths!

It is too early to tell what permanent damage she will have, and they know she has a long, hard road ahead of her.  There has been talk of a need for physical therapy, but I’m not clear what for. She remains on a ventilator in the Surgical ICU, but everyone is hopeful for the first time this week.

And as for this precious boy?

He’s doing well and they expect he will be coming home in a few days!


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