Another hurdle conquered!

March 18, 2010

This has been an exhausting week.  Emotionally, we have been wrung-out with worry over our friend Kate.  Physically, we have spent the week cleaning out both our attic and our basement.  And when I say cleaning, I mean cleaning.

I found a bag containing the wrapping paper & bows from my bridal shower in the basement.  That means I’ve moved that particular bag of garbage – sentimental garbage, but garbage nonetheless – to four different homes!  We found papers that each of us had written in university!  (D’Arcy was finishing his first degree when I was finishing Jr. High, so you can imagine how long those have been hanging around!)

To say that this spring cleaning was long overdue is an understatement!

Also on the agenda this week was a dentist appointment for Evan.  His last appointment resulted in disaster, so I was nervous about taking him back.  We did make some arrangements ahead of time so that it would go easier:  his hygiene appointment was with our dentist, Dr. Mike, Evan was able to take his own toothpaste rather than use the gritty polish that makes him gag, and he asked if I would sit in the room with him.  We talked about the appointment ahead of time and I tried to reassure him that if he needed a break, he could just tell Dr. Mike and he would stop.

He was reluctant, but stoic, and did everything he was told.  Dr. Mike had also been at the Brier the same day we were, so they talked about that a bit first to break the ice.  Also, I remembered from years ago when Mike & I were in school together, that tomorrow is his birthday and we had a great laugh that I remembered after all these years!  Evan thought that was funny.

Mike looked in his mouth and saw all of Evan’s missing teeth and announced, “This won’t take me very long – I don’t have much to work on!”  That made Evan smile too!

They got through the whole appointment with no problems and even took x-rays!  I was so relieved, but even more so, I was so proud of Evan for facing and conquering his fear!

We got through the appointment and went shopping for some clothes for Evan to wear curling.

While there, I received a text from Willem that he was giving Kate back her phone.  I could feel free to text, but please don’t call (in case she’s sleeping).  She woke up on Tuesday and had her breathing tube removed yesterday.  Now she’s awake and knows what happened to her.  Willem posted on her blog earlier this week: ” The official diagnosis was sepsis caused by a type A strep infection. Necrotizing fasciitis devastated her reproductive system requiring a complete hysterectomy as well as removal of infected tissue in her abdominal wall. Luckily, it seems that the infection was contained and did not impact any of the nearby organs.”

She is upright and lucid, but still exhausted as her body heals.  It is my understanding that she is still in the ICU and will continue to be hospitalized for weeks as opposed to days.  However, when I checked my phone tonight, I had a text.

From Kate.

It said:  “Next time I think I’ll just start with a bad hangnail instead of going straight for the big guns when I want attn. xo”

Music to my ears!!

Baby Isaac went home yesterday and is reported to be thriving.  I’m so happy that I can get updates from Kate herself now because something tells me Willem has his hands full!


One Response to “Another hurdle conquered!”

  1. Em Says:

    I’m so happy to hear Kate (and baby!) are doing well, I have been checking everyday wondering how she is doing. And kudos to Evan for conquering the dentist! 🙂 Good luck to the boys this weekend! xo

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