Little Rocks!

March 20, 2010

We’re in Halifax with the boys for their first curling tournament, the “Little Rocks Championships”.  Their team has been together for about a month, preparing, and it’s a dream-come-true for Evan who has wanted to be a curler since he was four years old!

The boys were ready & packed up last night and we had my parents booked to stay with the girls since three days of curling is really quite boring for them!  Sleep was elusive for Evan, who was still awake after ten last night, being too “nervous, excited and happy” to fall asleep.  He was up at the crack-of-dawn (probably before!) ready for his breakfast of champions – egg-in-the-hole – before getting dressed.  As the boys were waiting for their parents to get everything together, Evan discovered he had messages from both his cousin Chris, and from Ian – his curling IDOLS!  (It was while watching Chris and Ian play at the National level while they were Juniors that Evan decided he wanted to be a curler.  The fact that they were playing their first game at “Chris & Ian’s Club” at their first Championship is just the icing on the cake!!)  The messages were full of encouragement for the boys but what their parents appreciated most was that the message from both was to have fun and let the rest fall into place!

All the kids (and parents) met up at our place at 9:00 and the kids all drove together with Todd, their coach.    Evan was worried that he’d not know what “strategy” to use and we assured him that he’d be able to chat with Todd and the team about that on the way down.  My mom, who not only has an interest in our own kids, but also taught Maddison in Primary and feels a connection with Lindsey because she’s the daughter of Sandy’s cousin Todd, wrote all the kids notes with different inspirational quotes and taped in a “lucky” Terry Fox Loonie  for each of them which Evan was able to present on the way down.

Ready to go!

We got down there in good time and got ourselves registered and ready.  The boys were joking with us that there are disadvantages to being early (they’re used to being on family-time which means getting there at the very last minute)  – their nerves were getting the best of them!   Luckily, it wasn’t long before they were out on the ice!

The team in their pre-game pose

A few last minute tips - have fun! - from Coach Todd!

They lost their first game to a good team, but the score was 3:2.  They came off the ice glowing and excited, stating “We almost won!”  I was glad to hear them looking at the positive rather than dwelling on the fact they lost.  They said that the other team had “great etiquette”, and that they had been complimenting one another back & forth on their good shots.  We had been joking back & forth with the parents of the opposing team, rooting for one another’s teams as they played.  The handshakes were genuine all around as the game was over.

We had a break between the two games so went across the street to the Steak and Stein for lunch, then off to the next club for the next game.

We had a few minutes to spare there as well while we waited for their 3:00 game.

They stretched out and then headed for the ice.

Wish I had this much fun while stretching...

They had to call an official to measure how many points - we got two in that end!

The team after their first win! 4:2

Unfortunately, we learned after they got off the ice that the other team had been pretty nasty while they were playing.  Alex was in tears when he told us that after one particularly nice shot he made, the lead from the other team said, “f^&% you” to him!  They were yelling “psych” as the kids on our team were trying to make their shots, and one kid threatened to pull the fire alarm because they were losing.  It’s too bad, but we tried to make it a teachable moment.

They had to go back down on the ice for the “Opening Ceremony” which consisted of all 43 teams lining up on the ice while someone threw a rock down between them.

Opening Ceremony

Our team

With Coach Todd

After the Ceremony, we came back to the hotel for swimming, hot-tubbing & time in the sauna.  It was great for them to be able to release some energy!

We went to Boston Pizza for supper and giggled through it before coming back to the hotel to get the kids into bed so they can get up again early in the morning for their 8:30 game.

Evan told us that one of the highlights of his day was looking up to see us in the glass and spotting Uncle Mike & Aunt Kim (Chris’ parents) there to watch them!


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