First in our Division

March 20, 2010

Another great day at the Little Rocks tournament!

We were up early again (I don’t know how the hockey parents do it!) to have breakfast before heading back to the curling club in lots of time for their 8:30 draw.  We got ourselves situated upstairs beside none other than the parents of the nasty team, who were playing on the sheet next to us.  Both Janice & I wanted to say something to them about their team’s behavior, but after listening to them converse with one another for a few minutes, we decided that it would probably all go over their heads anyway!

The boys had a great game and Uncle Mike & Aunt Kim showed up to cheer them on again!  We were joking that they are the boys’ good luck charms, so they’d need to come back for each game!  They were playing another mixed team, another of the few in the tournament.  They ended up winning 5:3, and immediately afterwards, they conducted the Draw-to-the-button” contest.

The purpose of drawing to the button is to determine how a tie gets broken.  Each player on the team throws a stone to the button (with sweepers).  If the rock is in play, they get 1 point, 12 ft gets 2 points, 8ft gets 3 points, 4 ft gets 4 points and the button gets five points.  Madison’s rock went right through the house to the other side, Alex’s hit the 8 ft for three, Lindsey’s was on the button for five, and Evan’s went right through.  This gave them a total of eight points in the event of a tie.

When that contest was over, we came back to the hotel for some down time.

We told them that they didn’t have time for a swim, so they came into our room to play “Sorry” and “Children’s Trivial Pursuit”, have some snacks and giggle.  It was really quite fun to listen to them!

Chilling out during some down-time

We went back to the club around noon so that the kids could have some lunch (they had coupons for free hot-dogs, fries & juice) before they played their next game.  We also wanted to save seats by the window because we knew that my parents were bringing the girls down and  Mike & Kim were hoping to make it back for the game too.  Before we knew it, my parents & the girls were there and the game was starting.  Michael, Emily & Phinn arrived, then at mid -point, Uncle Mike showed up.  (Kim was still home getting ready for their house concert tonight.)

Watching their brothers with Mama

Their fan club, cheering them on!

A proud sister, loved seeing her brothers on the ice!

The game started off great with our team scoring 3 in the first end.  The other team scored two in the second and then Evan tapped one of their rocks up which allowed them to score two more.  Evan admitted to me afterwards that when he did that, it made his eyes “feel prickly”!  You could tell the pressure was on in the fourth end.  Just as Evan was about to throw the last rock, Sarah announced that she had to go potty!  I told her to wait a minute because it was the last rock!  She said she couldn’t wait, so I ran her into the bathroom, told her I’d be right back, and got to the window just in time to see Evan throw.  He didn’t take quite enough ice, so rather than drawing for two, which was his intent, he ended up knocking out his own rock which was already in the house, but luckily was shot-rock.

This tied the game 4:4 and necessitated another draw-to-the-button for the skips.


Kim copied us on an email that she sent to Chris & Ian which reported, in part:

After two days round robin play, Team (Evan) emerged as the number one qualifier from Division 1. In the last game of the round robin, a tie was settled with a draw the button by each skip. Evan, throwing first, came out with guns blazing and sent a pistol shot to cover the pin.

(She’s being kind saying that it covered the pin, but it did hit the button!)  The skip of the other team threw too light and it didn’t make it close enough.

We found out after-the-fact that the team we had played has been together for two years!!  We have two first-year period curlers on our team!

An elated team came upstairs for congratulations from their fans before everyone dispersed.  Ginna & Beanah were definitely happy that they’d been able to come and watch such an exciting game!  I think that Sarah & Olivia were relieved that the games were only four ends each rather than the long ones they’ve been forced to watch recently with the Olympics & the Brier on!!

Who's broom will Olivia pick?

Everyone else left from the club and we came back to the hotel to swim & relax.  We love this hotel because the kids usually have the pool to themselves.  (It’s generally a business hotel – that might be a best-kept-secret!)  Lindsey & Madison’s mom had decided to go shopping so the rest of us made plans to meet for supper at six.  We realized that the game  that decided where we placed took place at the same time, so we talked to Todd to say that we (Evan) really wanted to go watch that game to see how it went.  (Alex just wanted to go to Dairy Queen!)

In the end, we all went to the game.  If Team L won, we would be in the “Yellow” (2nd) Division, and if Team C won, we would be in a three-way tie and it would come down to the draw-to-the-button contest from earlier today.  We knew we had eight points, but didn’t know about what the other teams had made.  When we got to the club, each team’s results were posted: while we had 8, the other two teams that we were tied with had 1 and 0.  We knew that if Team C won, we’d be first in our Division!!

And guess what? Team C won!!  It went to a tie-breaker and we are first (Red) in the division!  Pretty good, especially considering Evan’s goal was that he did not want to be in the Black (Last)Division.  Todd’s goal, as we learned tonight, was for them to win at least one game!

We’ve met our goals!

We went out for supper to Dairy Queen, at Lindsey’s brother Christopher’s request.  It’s the first time we’ve been to DQ since Olivia’s peanut allergy diagnosis.  (Not that we had anything with peanuts!) We came back to the hotel right after supper so that the kids could get right to bed.

Our first game is at 8:30 tomorrow morning and Evan is worried about it.  We’ve talked to them about it and told them to keep playing and having fun like they did all weekend.

If we win our 8:30 game, we play again at 1:15; if we lose, we’re out!

Keep your fingers crossed!!

*Too tired to correct spelling & grammar tonight.  My eyes are crossed…  We also have video but can’t figure out how to upload it!


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