The Calendar

March 27, 2010

People often ask me “How do you do it all?”  Meaning – how do we juggle four children, a business, a job, post-secondary education, along with our various extra-curricular & volunteer activities.

I normally reply, jokingly, that we don’t watch much television.

Or I reply that we have a big calendar.

Both of those statements are true.

Right now, looking at the calendar is a bit overwhelming.  Shortly, I’m going to be heading up to the boys’ school to volunteer with running club and Alex has Music Festival practice after that.  Tomorrow is a juggling act with two rooms of guests to feed & clean, along with a basketball tournament for Evan & Alex (four games), another music festival rehearsal for Alex, a curling bonspiel for D’Arcy (two games), and Sarah is going to a dance performance with her grandparents.  To make it work, it looks as if I’m going to have to step in as coach of Evan’s basketball team tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to have to juggle cars with my parents.

I’m sure we’ll manage to make it all work, but there may be some jokes along the way about how we are always late for things…

I wonder why?!


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