Would you make a big deal?

April 1, 2010

Today, we experienced a series of unfortunate events.

Not bad in the grand scheme of things, but definitely out of my comfort zone.

Today is intramural & band day for Evan.  Alex comes home on the bus and doesn’t have any other activities until Cubs after supper.  I scheduled his dentist appointment for today a long time ago.

We carpool with one of Evan’s friends to get to band, and today was their turn to drive.

I walked the girls & Alex to the dentist and was sitting in the waiting room when my phone started to vibrate.  This was odd to me, since the only people who have my number are D’Arcy & the kids, my parents, Kate & our babysitters.

It was my mother, telling me that they had received a call from the school where Evan’s band practice is held, saying that there was an in-service today; therefore, no band.  They were on their way to pick him up.

I spent the next few minutes on the phone in the waiting room, trying to reach Ross’ parents.  As it turned out, he had called home sick after lunch, but since it was so close to the end of the day, his mom decided to just pick Evan up and take him rather than making us scramble to get there for him.  This is normally not a  problem.

When Ross’ mom dropped him off, Evan went into the nearly deserted school and when he found the band room closed and dark, he went to the office to ask if there was band and was told it had been an in-service today.  He asked to use the phone and tried to call home, but I was at the dentist with Alex & the girls and D’Arcy was still at school so there was no answer.  Finally,  the VP helped him call his grandparents who said they would get in the car right away to come and pick him up.

When they arrived at the school, Evan was waiting – alone – in the *empty* parking lot because the staff from the school had all left.  (He did say that the very last staff member to leave asked him if he had a drive.)  All’s well that ends well, but he did admit that he was nervous and uncomfortable.  After all, he is still only eleven.

Not legally allowed to stay at home by himself yet.

He told me that if no one had come for him, he would have read his book, or started to walk home.  (It takes us 15 minutes to get there by car!)  I don’t think he realized what had transpired.  The thing is, this particular school is in off the street, so no one could see him.

I can’t imagine that a school full of teachers would have left him there, waiting for his drive.  The VP knew my parents were on their way – was where she had to be so important that she couldn’t wait the 15 minutes for them to get there and hand him over safely?  What if they’d had an accident on the way and gotten held up?   She wasn’t the only one to leave.  Did they all have places so important to get to on the weekend that they left him there?

He was back at our house by 4:05. so it’s not like they had to wait that long or delay their long weekend!

I wrote a letter to the band director, since this all could have been avoided by just a memo or a phone call to the few of us who do not attend that school.

I’m just wondering, would you feel the same way?


One Response to “Would you make a big deal?”

  1. Em Says:

    I would absolutely feel the same way, and I’m quite sure I would kick up a bit of a stink. I can’t imagine an adult, nevermind a series of them, feeling it was ok to leave an 11 year old boy alone, locked out of the school waiting for a drive?! Thank goodness your parents were home and made it there to pick him up safely.

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