Underwear is the new outerwear…

April 19, 2010

So when I went up to bed on Saturday night, the I discovered the following sight:

Yes, Sarah has four (4) pair of "Dora" panties on her head and yes, I will be keeping this photo to be brought out for future boyfriends...

I took them all off her sweaty head one at a time and was reminded of a story back from the first year we had the B&B and the boys would have been similar ages (just slightly younger) than this.

That summer, we had a couple from England drop-in late afternoon one day.  Anyone with children would realize that late afternoon leading into the supper hour is the absolute worst time of day for children…  However, I did manage to keep the boys “hidden away” throughout the check-in process.  The couple who were registering were an older couple and very prim and proper.  They raised their eyebrows and looked down their noses at me when I said something about our children.

“Oh!  You have children.”


I assured them that the children lived in a different part of the house than the guest areas and that we would make sure that they didn’t disturb them during their stay.

The boys were very well-behaved and did keep out-of-the-way.  The guests lightened up considerably the next morning and were commenting as they checked-out on the fact that they really wouldn’t have known that there were children in the home if I hadn’t said so.

Perhaps Alex had a feel for comedic timing even back then, because at that exact moment, the swinging door from kitchen flew open and into the hall – in front of all of us – ran these two giggling naked boys – with the exception of the underwear hats they were wearing on their heads!!

I guess this underwear-on-the-head thing must be a family trait…


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