We always thought he should be on the stage…

April 21, 2010

From the moment he was born, Alex has commanded attention – in a good way!  As a baby, he was always smiling and happy; as a toddler, he was demanding of attention over his less extroverted brother.  As a preschooler, he was known in many circles for his ability to tell jokes along with punch lines that were actually funny. (As opposed to Sarah’s current:  Knock knock!  Who’s there?  Owl.  Owl who?  Of course owls say who!)


When he was four, the church put on a musical of “Noah’s Ark” and he was so enthralled by hearing his own voice on the microphone, he sang a solo and a star was born!  He says that he never gets nervous when he’s on stage; he just sees all those people watching him, and it makes him feel happy.

This has been a big month, music-wise, for him.  It’s Music Festival month, so he’s been practicing hard.  The first week of the month, he performed twice during Musical Theatre week: once with a group of all the singers his age that take lessons from his teacher and once as a solo in the ten-and-under class.  He sang “The Baseball Game” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and came second with a mark of 86 out of 12 kids.  (He was the only boy in each!)  There is some really tough competition in his age group and in discussions about the fact that there were so many good kids competing with him, his comment was that it was okay.  He likened it to the Olympics:  “When the athletes train with the others that are the best-in-the-world it encourages them to do their best”.  He also made the comment that he’s never, in his Music Festival career, received a yellow (third place) ribbon, so that would be okay too!

He’s old beyond his years sometimes…

Last week was spent with his boys’ choir.  We all went to Halifax last Friday night where his choir joined three other boys’ choirs for a concert.  It was beautiful – 120 boys in song together…  The other three choirs came to us for a concert on Saturday.  There were gym activities scheduled for all of them in the gym of the elementary school before they went to the church for rehearsal, supper (sandwiches & sweets which I was responsible for organizing), then a concert.  While I was organizing the food, D’Arcy came in to tell me that the Halifax bus had backed into our van at the school! (Long story short, it was the bus driver’s fault, so it will all be worked out quickly – that weekend should possibly be a post of its own!)

On Sunday, Alex auditioned for “Suessical”, being put on by a local summer spotlight theater program.  His choir director had suggested to him that he might be willing to make an age exception in Alex’s case because Alex is still nine and the program is for kids between 10 – 18.  We signed him up and he auditioned on Sunday afternoon with his musical theater piece.  I warned him that he might not make it because they had 55+ kids try out for a maximum of 30 spots and I reasoned that  he was so young, they might choose someone else.  Lo and behold, he made it!  He’s so excited!

This week, he had three voice solos.  He came 1st in the male 10 and under solo “Someday” on Monday (he was the only one in the class) with a mark of 86.  Yesterday was his Nova Scotia Folk Song, “The Sauerkraut Song”, in which he came 2nd with a mark of 87, and today he sang a Canadian Art Song, “Dragons”. Before he sang it, he told us that he was hoping to get a personal best.  I’m very much NOT a stage mother.  My parents keep Alex all week and practice with him since the adjudicators stay at the B&B; I only get to see him as he’s about to go on stage and this seems to work well for all of us.  I tell him “have fun!” and he’ll reply, “I’ll do my best!”  I was disappointed for him today when he sang because I’ve heard him sing “Dragons” much better than he did today many times.  It wasn’t bad, but he has sung it much better!  As it turned out, he won the class with a mark of 88.  The first thing he said to us as he came back to where we were sitting was, “I did it!  I beat my personal best!”

He’s so proud of himself tonight and we’re proud of him – especially for his attitude!!

The adjudicators checked out late this afternoon, so when we got home from the Festival I went to work cleaning their rooms.  I realized that Olivia had taken in lots at her three days in a row as a supported when she held up the Swiffer duster and announced, “My name is Olivia M and I’ll be singing a song about dusters!”

Perhaps we have another child destined for the stage…


One Response to “We always thought he should be on the stage…”

  1. Em, Mike & Phinn Says:

    Way to go, Alex!!! Sounds like a wonderful and exciting month. Let us know next time he is singing down this way, we would l-o-v-e to hear him! 🙂

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