The Countdown is On…

April 29, 2010

We have a number of countdowns on at the moment.  It is now:

  • 1 day until the Stars of the Festival Concert in which Alex is performing
  • 4 days until Evan gets to tour the College of Geographic Sciences with his grandparents
  • 8 days until Evan plays percussion in the pit band for a school musical
  • 9 days until the Doctors’ Nova Scotia Youth Fun Run
  • 10 days until Mother’s Day
  • 20 days until the Cub Banquet
  • 24 days until the Bluenose Marathon
  • 28 days until the School Carnival, Band Tour & Tourism AGM
  • 30 days until Alex’s First Communion
  • 31 days until Sarah’s Dance Recital
  • 37 days until my birthday
  • 43 days until the Highland Dance Tea
  • 50 days until Sarah is finished pre-school
  • 61 days until Summer Vacation  (42 school days for Dad and 39 for the kids!)

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