A Cartography Adventure

May 4, 2010

Evan has wanted to be a cartographer for the past number of years.  He loves maps, travel, geography, drawing and computers.  It’s a perfect fit! My dad is a surveyor and he went to school at COGS (and met my mom, who grew up in Lawrencetown) many years ago.  My parents were able to set up a tour of the campus for yesterday and they set out early yesterday morning on their adventure.  By all accounts, they had a fantastic time and saw all kinds of people they knew, including David, the son of the minister at our church when I was growing up, who gave Evan a beautiful book of maps!  The faculty member who took them on tour was a guest at our B&B three years ago – talk about a small world!  My mother said that she was fantastic and geared everything to Evan; he’s going to write her a thank-you note and we’re going to send her a gift certificate to come back here with her husband.

The great day for Evan was topped off with a stop at the Chickenburger for supper and the news when he arrived home that he was co-winner of the Yearbook Cover Design contest!  (I’m assuming this means one design is on the front cover and the other is on the back cover…)  He wrote the following about his adventure and gave me permission to post it:

Today I got a tour at the Center Of Geographic Sciences (C.O.G.S.) in Lawrencetown. That is when I found out it is a Small World. A person named Ada Cheung showed me around. On the tour, I found out she stayed at our house about three years ago and I put Strawberry Jam on the table for her! Also on the tour, I learned what courses would be the best to take in High School if I want to be a cartographer. Those courses are: Geomatics, Global Geography, and Computer Sciences. My Mom said a good class to take in Grade Seven would be Extended Core French. I am going to try to do all of those courses, then go to C.O.G.S. for two years, and then go to University somewhere far away so I can go somewhere new! Ada said that is a smart idea because the two years I do at C.O.G.S. would be like credits for University and it would save money. Another reason why it is nice to go to C.O.G.S. is because there are only 200 people so you will know pretty much everyone. I also think that they thought I am older and smarter because they gave me A Program Application! I was given a whole whack of stuff! I got a book full of different maps, I got a ball that is designed like the political map of Earth, and a lot of other cool stuff! Before the tour, I wanted to be a cartographer, Now, I want to be one even more!


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