Great eye news for Olivia

May 4, 2010

We’re just back from Olivia’s eye appointment with great news!  At last year’s appointment, there was concern that she was farsighted and that she would be getting glasses like her siblings. Today, she sat up like a champ and “graduated” to the H-V-O-T chart instead of the pictures.  She was able to read to the 20/20 line in each eye and sat still and co-operated for all of the various tests.  Dr. S was triumphant when he announced that the problems she had last year have almost resolved  – she’s almost outgrown her hyperopia!  If they prescribed her glasses at her current state, they would be about a +1.25 to +1.50 which in this house is nothing! And because her eyes are still seeing almost equally, there is no fear of amblyopia!

She doesn’t have to go back for another check up until she’s registering for school in two years!

One less thing to worry about – yipee!!


2 Responses to “Great eye news for Olivia”

  1. angela Says:

    That’s great news!!!

  2. swimminhill Says:

    Sounds like a pretty good week all around for you guys! So glad to hear about Olivia’s sight, and very excited for Evan’s future in cartography! 🙂 We miss you all! xo

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