I love points programs!

May 7, 2010

Look at what was delivered to our house yesterday:

It’s so shiny!

Our food processor has been dying a slow death.  A few months ago, the chopping blade broke off while I was making hummus!  Yikes!  The lid is missing a piece that keeps it locked into place, so when we use it as a grater, unless you physically hold the lid down, it lifts up –  yet keeps spinning.  Just a slight safety hazard with little fingers around – especially since they love helping out with making home-made pizza every Friday night, as is the tradition around here!

Back when we bought our first home, D’Arcy & I each cancelled our individual credit cards and got a joint one, which gives us points each time we use it.  (Which we try not to, but sometimes life happens!)  Last weekend, we received an email with the amount of points we have earned (we had never cashed them in before) and a link to the online “store”.  You can imagine my delight when I realized that I had enough points not just for the new super-duper, shiny, heavy, two-bowled, five bladed beauty that now sits on my counter, but also a Cuisinart hand blender as well!

For “free”!

Happy Mother’s Day to me!


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