Where have we been?

May 15, 2010

I realize that we’re now half-way through May, but I was thinking that if you were wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, a photo of our calendar in April would be worth the more than thousand words it would take to explain what we’ve been up to:

(And this is after curling & basketball have already finished up!)  Not to mention that we had guests 21 out of 30 nights, and my time spent answering Reunion Registration emails (at least we have lots of interest!) and updating the NSBBA website for all the other B&B operators as they get ready for the season doesn’t show up on here.

We are gearing up for tourist season as well, trying to get some extra projects accomplished around the house while tying up all the loose ends of this school year and various activities.

I do intend to get some of April’s (and early May’s!) stories caught up here, because it’s fun for us to look back and see where we’ve been!  Just this morning, Evan & I were having fun looking at last year’s Bluenose Marathon Weekend and are looking forward to participating next week even more!

Stay tuned!


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