“It’s that kind of potty”

June 8, 2010

My birthday was on Saturday.  It was a great day, all-in-all.

It started off early – very early – when Alex delivered breakfast-in-bed (and D’Arcy said he tried to hold him off!) at 6:30 a.m.  D’Arcy had been up shortly after five to feed some regular guests before they left for their course.  All this activity, of course, woke Sarah & Olivia and the day began sooner than I had anticipated.

We fed the second room their breakfast and the kids gave me some very special home-made cards they’d made for me.  D’Arcy took the boys off to their baseball game at the Park and I stayed home to clean the guest room.  (Birthdays over the age of 21 are so glamorous!)  On various trips through the kitchen, I would check in on Facebook to discover birthday greetings from around the world – that was fun and made me feel special!

We were invited to my parents’ house for lunch.  The girls were very cranky & tired after being up so early, but Sarah got dressed up and Olivia put on a pair of pretty Capri pants  and a nice shirt.  The boys arrived home, D’Arcy had a quick shower and we got ready to go up the hill.  As we started herding kids out the door, I noticed that Olivia had changed into jogging pants and a t-shirt.  Sigh.  She told me that she had “spilled drops” on her pants and it wasn’t worth the battle to get her to change again!  She later told us that the drops she spilled were “invisible”.

I got into the van and discovered a package in my seatbelt from D’Arcy & the kids – opal earrings.  Evan spilled the beans that “Dad told us to look for something pretty, but cheap!”  D’Arcy laughed and teased him, saying, “Evan, what happens at the jewelery store is supposed to stay at the jewelery store!”  I told them that it’s the thought that counts and they are really pretty…

We had a glass of wine and then went to the table for lunch.   My mom had made lobster chowder for the grown-ups and tomato soup for the kids which everyone normally likes.  Sarah & Olivia had an argument over who got to sit by me, then argued over who got what coloured straw!  Eventually, we got those issues sorted out and they both announced that they didn’t like tomato soup which is so not true!  Olivia did eventually drink hers dry, but Sarah pushed hers away and pouted.

Second course was tuna buns on homemade rolls for the kids and a roasted-tomato and pesto tart on puffed pastry with a green salad for the adults.  It was delicious even though mom had been fretting that the temperature had been too high and they were brown on the bottom.  Meanwhile, Alex, Sarah & Olivia whined about the tuna buns and all gave them to Evan who managed to eat three and loved every bite!  The others ate veggie sticks and plain rolls with molasses.

For dessert, my mother had made banoffee and put candles in it.  When she & Alex served it to me, one side fell and Olivia started to cry because she didn’t get to blow out the yellow candle.  The tragedies just kept coming…

We finally got everyone back on track and both Sarah & Olivia announced they had to go to the bathroom, but Alex was already in there. Neither of them wanted to go to the one downstairs and started to fuss.  Again.

D’Arcy quipped, “Well, it is that kind of potty –  a potty party!”


Such a cheery face!

A fleeting moment of happiness...

... before some one feels she was wronged and didn't get to blow out the yellow candle!

D'Arcy & Evan, stuffed after lunch!

Sarah even put on an impromptu dance performance after lunch for me:

We came home and D’Arcy & I both fought to stay awake because we were so full.  I thought I should automatically be allowed a nap since it was MY birthday!

Our guests who had eaten so early in the morning had invited us out to dinner and we were expecting them to arrive back to the house around six.  Because of the rain, they arrived home mid-afternoon and asked to move the time up to go out earlier.  I quickly got ready and we sat around in the living room and had a glass of wine with them.  We went out for dinner at 5:30 and had a lovely meal.  The food was good and the conversation was easy.  We came back to our place and had some sparkling wine which had been fortified with icewine.

When the guests turned in early, I took the Evan & Alex upstairs and cuddled for a few minutes before D’Arcy came up to tell me that one of my childhood friends, Chris, was on the phone.   Chris made a huge life-change last year and left his job to go through RCMP training.  He is now posted in British Columbia and has moved there with his wife & kids.  We talked for almost two hours before hanging up, even though we hadn’t spoken in a couple of years. (Lots to get caught up on I guess!)  We finally realized it was time to go when Chris commented, “I can hear D’Arcy snoring beside you!”

All in all, it was a great day and even though I had some very tired & cranky girls, I definitely felt very loved & spoiled!


One Response to ““It’s that kind of potty””

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Happy Birthday Anne!!

    The things you miss when you don’t have facebook…

    Glad you had a special day (despite the crankpots)!

    Sending belated birthday hugs (and really, those are the best ones, they are much less common)…Em, Mike & Phinn xoxoxoxoxo

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