A Pile of S*$T

July 6, 2010

Tonight I became the crazy lady who lives on the corner.

As our organic farmers were here delivering their produce, I stepped outside to say hello, only to find two teenagers – who looked like either siblings or maybe cousins – holding a yellow lab on a leash while she pooped on our lawn.

Not put out since we’d also had dogs, I made eye contact with the male of the pair and started towards our guests.

It was then that I noticed the pair leaving with the dog and heading down the street.

My blood boiled.


The kids were across the street and half way down the block as I flew across our lawn and shouted:  “Hey!”

“Do you need a bag to pick your dog’s poop up off my lawn – WAIT!  I’ll get you one!”

Luckily Jamey, our organic farmer came to the rescue with a bag.

To give them credit, the kids came back – although they wouldn’t tell me their names.

“The dog only peed” the boy told me.

“That pile of poop doesn’t look like pee to me!” (And having four kids, I should know!)

He did clean it up and they hurriedly went on their way with the dog.

As I crossed the lawn to the others, I stated ironically that we can probably expect our house to be hit with eggs this Hallowe’en.  It was then the others reminded me that it will probably be worse than eggs!


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