I’m a Teacher!!

July 12, 2010

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, one reason is because I’ve been busy with summer activities, home renovations, planning my 20th High School Reunion, and because – I’ve had a secret!

I applied for a job in April and was asked to interview for it on the last day of school.  Since then, all of our summer plans (and beyond!) have been in limbo as we waited…

And waited…

And waited…

This morning, the phone rang and when I answered it, the voice on the other end asked, “So are you ready to start teaching?”

I wanted to scream!!!

Out of 33 applicants, I was chosen to teach Tourism at the Community College in a special 20 month program for First Nation Learners.

I can’t wait!

The job will run August (yes, in three weeks!) until April, at which point the students will go out on their work terms and I will be laid off.  This works well, as we’ll just be gearing up for our busy season at that point.  I’ll be “rehired” in September when the students come back and the program ends in March 2012, giving me the summer with Olivia before she starts school.

At my interview, I was told it is a class of 19, and they’ve all been interviewed and selected specifically for the program.

What will happen with my family and B&B and volunteer activities?  My parents are going to step in and take over with the house/B&B side of things during the week.  I intend to continue my positions with the Boards I sit on, and will see how I can make it work.  The one piece I have trouble reconciling is my ability to volunteer in the elementary school the same way I did.  I’ll just have to find other ways.

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher.  (Or a librarian.)  When I was a teenager and started working as a waitress, (before the days you were called a “server”) I remember telling my father, ” I love this, I could do this forever.”  He counselled me, telling me to get a degree first and then if I wanted to be a waitress, I’d have something to fall back on. (Thanks Dad!)  I switched schools and got my Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management and love being part of the Tourism Industry.

In the middle of the night, almost four years ago when Olivia was a baby, I had an inspiration while nursing her in the dark.  Since D’Arcy will be eligible to retire while we still have two children in post secondary education and two in Junior High School, why don’t I go back to University when Olivia goes to school and become a teacher?  Then he can retire, and I’ll continue working.  We even went so far as to talk to our financial planner and put money aside to make this plan work.

In April, a friend sent me the job posting for the College and told me I would be perfect for the job.  I hate to sound self-assured,  but I just knew when I read it that this job was mine.  I researched, wrote a resume (I haven’t applied for a job in over 11 years) and picked anyone’s brain I could think of.  Luckily, it all paid off .  I’m so excited and my family is all thrilled for me! I told D’Arcy that we can nod-off together now as we stay up late to mark papers!

To be sure, I realize that this is going to have a huge impact on our family and way-of-life, but I hope it will be in a good way.  I hope it means that when I have time with my family, I will stay in the moment with them because it is time with my family, rather than working on “one more project”!

Tonight, I’m just giddy with the news that after all these years, I’m a Teacher!


2 Responses to “I’m a Teacher!!”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    What WONDERFUL news!! Congratulations! It DOES sound like the perfect job for you … and what a fun subject to teach! I can “hear” your excitement bubbling through your writing – I’m so excited for you! 🙂

  2. swimminhill Says:

    Yahoo!!! That is terrific news, you will make an AMAZING teacher. I can just imagine how well you will connect with your students, especially with that enthusiasm! Congratulations, Anne!! Lots of love! xox

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