Well here we are!

July 23, 2010

I feel like I’ve been planning a wedding over the past few months, but with fewer flowers and a much less expensive dress!

Here I am, up at 5:30, unable to sleep because of all the details running through my head.

Luckily, some of my peeps have started to arrive in town and are willing to help.  Sandy, Suzanne & Janelle have been here Wednesday and yesterday, and are coming by at 9ish this morning to set up for tonight’s wine & cheese.  Suzanne helped out with some ironing yesterday and Sandy is going to be put to work hanging things back up on the walls today!  They’ll also be on hand to give out tickets since people are coming by here to pick them up, and will allow me a chance to run out and get a few groceries.

We have the wine & cheese social here tonight which I’m really looking forward to.  The majority of attendees are people who I was good friends with in high school.  Later on tonight, my childhood sweetheart, Jeff – or “Joe” as Sarah calls him – arrives with his wife & daughter from Moscow and his mother who is home from UAE.  They will all be staying with us until Sunday morning.  Evan is very excited as he gets to “babysit” his siblings for the first time tonight.  We’ve moved the tv up into the boys’ room and the four kids will go up there and watch movies (and hopefully fall asleep!) while we have the party downstairs.  He’s taking his job very seriously!

Can’t drink too much wine tonight, because we’ve scheduled a 5k fun run for the morning, starting at 9:00 (what were we thinking?!), then we head over to the Park pool for a family swim from 11 – 1.  I’m thankful that the weather forecast is for sun because then we have an informal bring-your-own-picnic at the Park where hopefully families will stay and the kids can get to know one another.

The big reunion event is going to take place tomorrow night at the hotel across the street from our place.  I don’t remember the last time I stayed out partying until 1am, but organizing it, I won’t be leaving early!!  We’ve closed out the B&B until Monday, so we can always sleep on Sunday…


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