Life is moving too fast!!

July 28, 2010

We had a fantastic weekend at my High School Reunion and I think I am starting to recover now that we’re mid-week.  I haven’t seen hours like that in years!!  D’Arcy & I literally worked flat-out in the days between the end of school and the Wine & Cheese here on Friday night.  And when I say flat-out, I mean that he was just finishing mowing the lawn when the first guests arrived!  We painted the front of the house including the steps, redecorated & organized our back porch from top-to-bottom, put new fixtures & lighting in our downstairs bathroom, totally re-decorated our own family room – including sanding & varnishing the floors, tearing down wallpaper, fixing plaster, re-wallpapering, painting all trim, new curtains, new furniture & new lighting.  (You’d never know it was the same room!!)  “We” also put new 140 square feet of new patio stones at the bottom of the stairs/ramp at our back deck.  We got almost all the projects scratched off our list while trying to finish Thesis, entertain guests, entertain children, etc…

At one point, while I was stressing out over replying to emails, registrations, updating our website, etc., D’Arcy pointed out to me, “you sure are putting an awful lot of hours in for other people’s enjoyment.”  It was worth it to reconnect with so many former classmates & friends!  I can’t say that the weekend didn’t go without a hitch – there were a few – but everyone seemed to have a great time and that’s all that matters!

Today, I switched gears and went to the College to meet some of the people I will be working with when I start next week.  I had a tour and saw my office.  I will meet my students on Wednesday – yes, a week from today!  However, classes won’t start until the 16th.

It was a bit overwhelming to say the least.  I’m taking the kids to Amherst Shore to be with Sandy, Nate & Dave today so we can have at least one peaceful summertime memory before I head to work.  Hopefully D’Arcy will get a chance to finish his Thesis while we’re gone.

Part of me is really excited, but the other part is wondering, “What have I done?

Tomorrow, I’ll order transcripts and call the insurance company to see if we need medical coverage through each of us; today, I’m going to enjoy my children!


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