Family Time

December 28, 2010

I can’t believe that the last time I posted here was on October 2nd!  Since I have started teaching, there doesn’t seem to be a spare moment in our days.  This Christmas was one of the most magical I can remember in awhile – perhaps because I was too busy to do many of the normal things I feel I need to do.  D’Arcy & I went shopping on the 22nd while Rachel babysat, and we did all cooking/baking on the 23rd.  My brother was only here for a short time, so we had supper with him at my parents’ on the night of the 23rd.  We spent Christmas Eve with D’Arcy’s family, and Christmas Day here at home.  More to follow, but right now, we’re too cozy hanging out with one another at home, recharging and getting in lots of hugs…


2 Responses to “Family Time”

  1. I love these hug photos…the expression on beautiful faces….just lovely!

  2. […] I found a post full of hug photos, which reminded me how precious they are and which inspired this post.  Have a […]

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