Spelling Pro

February 8, 2011

Alex won the school spelling bee!

(We didn’t even know he was in it!)

Apparently, each class had its own spelling bee and the top three spellers from each grade four & five class (24 kids) got to compete in the school bee this afternoon in the gym.  From what we’ve been told, it came down to Alex (Gr.4) & his friend Brendan (Gr.5) who went back and forth.  Finally, Alex won!

We’re very excited!

Now, we will have to practice with him as he goes on to compete in Provincials in Halifax in March!

Evan is disappointed to be missing it, because he’ll be curling in Lunenburg that weekend.  Ironically, Evan is the one who always wanted to go to a spelling bee. but this is the first year they’ve had one at the elementary school…

It’s certainly been an exciting few days around here!




One Response to “Spelling Pro”

  1. Swimminhill Says:

    YAY Alex!! Congratulations! (Can you spell that?) (:

    Good luck to both boys on their upcoming competitions.


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