Meeting our Great Niece

June 3, 2011

I started a post back on March second which was titled “Welcome to our Great Niece!”

That was as far as I got.

Our loved nephew Chris & his wife Lisa had their first baby – a girl on March 1st.  Her name is Samantha Grace and she is beautiful!  Chris, Lisa & Samantha live in Calgary so we haven’t had the chance to meet her before this past weekend.  It’s much too far and we have told them that many times!

On Sunday, we went to “the city” for Samantha’s Baptism and it was beautiful.  I was immediately in love!

It was a beautiful day and we wouldn’t have missed it!  (Unless one of us was sick, because people who go to social events when they are sick – especially around babies – drive me crazy!!  Luckily, we were all healthy!)

Great Auntie Anne, holding Samantha for the first time!

The girls, meeting their new cousin (once removed)!

Olivia couldn't wait to get her hands on Sam!

The Baptism

Lisa & sister Melissa with their daughters, Samantha & Avery - born one month apart!

Mike, Kim, Lisa, Samantha & Chris

Samantha, her aunt, her grandparents & her great grandparents on her father's side!

Olivia had Grandpa's camera for entertainment. Here, she's showing Uncle Mike the photo(s) she took of him.

Olivia & Grandpa

Sarah & Samantha

Olivia with her safe "Picnic" during the reception

And we have a photo of Sarah at Olivia's Baptism in pretty much the same pose...

"Nanny" Kim, singing Samantha to sleep at the reception...

And she's out!

The loves of my life!


One Response to “Meeting our Great Niece”

  1. Em Says:

    Oh my goodness, precious photos. I am so sad that we missed such a wonderful day!

    What lucky girls Sam and Avery are 🙂

    Bah, at least it saved me another episode of Baby Fever!

    Hugs to all, and tell Sarah we love her new smile! Xoxo

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