The Lobster Whisperer

June 22, 2011

We made a new discovery this Fathers’ Day weekend:  Our little Maritime girl Olivia loves lobsters!  Not to eat them; but to play with them!  I managed to catch some pretty cute photos of her while we were getting ready to cook them outside. (So the smell wouldn’t go through the house.)  The guests seemed to think it was great fun that our four-year-old was using lobsters as playmates!  She was entertained most by the one who kept “trying to escape” off the deck, and eventually lined them all up in the order we were to cook them! (Sarah, as you can see, was not so impressed!)

Olivia was enthralled with the lobsters; Sarah, not so much!


All lined up in order...

*No lobsters were hurt in the writing of this post – until they went into the pot…



One Response to “The Lobster Whisperer”

  1. Swimminhill Says:

    Wow, those girls are busy! I was a bit of a lobster whisperer in my day too…I’ll fit right in with my boys on lobster boils 🙂

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