Conversation between Sarah & Mom, earlier today:

Mom: Sarah, what would you suggest we have for dinner tonight that would prevent you from complaining?

Sarah: Do we have carrots?

Mom: Yes.

Sarah: Do we have broccoli?

Mom: Yes.

Sarah: Do we have peas?

Mom: Yes.

Sarah: Do we have corn?

Mom: Yes.

Sarah: Well I guess that would be about it.


Pole Dancing, Part 2

June 20, 2011

Two summers ago, I wrote a post about going to a bachelorette party and learning how to pole dance, and showing Sarah a few moves on the clothesline pole for fun.

Guess what?

She’s still at it and now she’s getting her sister involved!!

Lost Tooth

June 3, 2011

We hit another milestone here last night – Sarah lost her first tooth.  It’s been wiggly for awhile and she let D’Arcy pull it out before bed!  I was still at the school (yesterday was the PTG Carnival) but he told me she was initially very excited.  When she saw the blood, she wasn’t so sure anymore!

She wasn’t sure whether the Tooth Fairy would come or not, because someone in her class told her that the Tooth Fairy lets you keep your tooth for a night first.  🙂

(That has happened to a couple of Evan’s teeth on occasion, I have to admit!)

The Tooth Fairy did come and she was pleased to find a toonie in her pillow.

Sometimes at baby showers, you are asked to write down a piece of advice for the new mom.  My advice is to take as many photos of your children before they lose their first tooth.  Once the tooth comes out and the adult teeth come in, their faces change forever…

Changed, but still beautiful!


October 2, 2010

We’re hitting a number of milestones around here – Evan’s in Junior High, Sarah started Primary, Olivia’s started Preschool, D’Arcy’s on the (hopefully) final edit of his Thesis…

I promised some photos recently and haven’t come through, so here are a few:

First Day of School, September 2010

The whole family is at school now - D'Arcy teaches Gr. 9 & 10 Science, Evan is in Grade 6, Alex is in Grade 4, Sarah is in Primary, Olivia goes to Preschool and Mom is teaching Tourism Management at the Community College

First time on the School Bus!

Olivia walking Evan to the Junior High bus on his first day!

She loved it!

Olivia, ready for her first day of Preschool!

Walking to preschool!

And this weekend, Sarah started riding her bike without training wheels:

Getting started

Almost there!

And she's off!

Seeing one!

August 13, 2010

We ordered Sarah prescription swim goggles about a month ago, hoping she’d have them for her swimming lessons, but they just arrived today.  As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Sarah never would take her glasses off – not even to sleep.  She would tell us that she couldn’t see her dreams!

Her glasses do a wonderful job of keeping her eyes straight, so as soon as she takes them off, her eyes cross and her vision is not just blurry, but she sees double.

She took her glasses off to get her makeup done for her dance recital.

D’Arcy picked up the goggles and took them to my parents’ house where the kids were going swimming.  Sarah put them on and declared in wonder, “But now I only see one of everything!” Alex explained that they were like her glasses, but she could wear them swimming.  My mother told me later that she found Sarah wearing them watching a movie.

I guess we have another back up if her glasses break!

Sound waves

July 7, 2010

As we were driving home from an afternoon at my parents pool today, Sarah offered up this gem:

Mom, did you know that you can’t see sound waves?  We all make them, but they’re so small that you can’t see them.  They’re kind of like germs because they’re small and you can’t see them but they’re there.”

So I figure if she’s not a dancer, maybe she’ll be a Scientist?

I never quite know what’s going to come out of Sarah’s mouth.

Last night after supper, while D’Arcy had Evan at baseball practice, Sarah announced to me, “I’m going to practice my sword dance and Olivia’s going to be my sword!”

For those not familiar with the highland dancing sword dance, here’s a youtube video from last year’s Highland Games in Antigonish: