Sunday, June 12th

  • D’Arcy serves
  • Golf – Evan
  • Sarah & Alex’s Piano/Voice Recital – whole family

Monday, June 13th

  • Band – Evan
  • Highland Dancing – Sarah & Olivia
  • Baseball – Evan

Tuesday, June 14th

  • Preschool – Olivia
  • Board Retreat – Anne

Wednesday, June 15th

  • Preschool Concert & last day – Olivia
  • Highland Dance Recital setup – Anne

Thursday, June 16th

  • Band – Evan
  • Haircut – Anne
  • Baseball – Evan
  • Awards Dinner – D’Arcy & Anne

Friday, June 17th

  • Jazz Band – Evan
  • Sarah & Olivia’s Highland Dance Recital & Tea – whole family

Saturday, June 18th

    One Response to “Our (Extra-Curricular)Schedule This Week”

    1. Swimminhill Says:

      Ok…I have been waiting (somewhat) patiently for some Christmas photos…..geesh!

      And I see how very busy you are, but we really ought to find some time soon to get together. Phinn always has so much fun with the kids, and Seamus is getting SO big….and we miss you! 🙂

      Hope to see you soon!

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