Family Literacy Day

January 27, 2010

Today is Family Literacy Day.  How appropriate that today was also the day that Sarah registered for Primary.


Where did the time go?

When the school had called with the appointment, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wasn’t sure I was ready to send her to school.  However, she is very ready.  We have registered her for French Immersion which we didn’t do for the boys.  At that time, we would have had to commit to driving them to school each day and running a B&B, I just couldn’t commit to getting them there on time in the mornings.  Now, then program is located at their home school, so the decision was easy.

I waited in the hall, talking to Auntie Kay and Neil (who will be in her class) while Sarah had a visit with Mme. A.  She was a little bit worried that she wouldn’t know everything, but came out smiling.

I had a Tourism Board Meeting in Halifax, so kissed Sarah goodbye and sent her to preschool with Auntie Kay.  (But not before getting a photo of Sarah & Neil in front of the school together!)

I had a great meeting and actually passed D’Arcy & his carpool on the highway on my way home, so arrived just as he did.  When I walked in the door, my father was sitting on the couch in our family room, surrounded by many children.  They were reading a Curious George counting book; my mother had gone to their house to get some of the food for our “Family Literacy Day” Celebration.

I don’t remember which year this tradition started, but we’ve celebrated it for quite a while now.  Our celebration always involves food, family & books.  Does life get better than that?  This year, we had celebrated at our house because we have two rooms of guests and didn’t want to leave them.  The books we received were:

Olivia: “The Big Green Book of Beginner Books”, Dr. Seuss

Sarah:  “The Quilt Makers Gift”, Jeff Brumbeau & Gail de Marcken

Evan:  “The 39 Clues Series – Beyond the Grave”, Jude Watson

Alex:  “A Good Night for Ghosts” (Magic Tree House Series), Mary Pope Osborne

Anne:  “A Week from Sunday”, Dorothy Garlock

D’Arcy:  “Teachers Touch Lives”, Hallmark

Ginna & Beanah (share):  “Selected Stories”, Alice Monroe

We got a few photos of the celebration, and of course, Alex got it all on video(just  in case you’d ever like to listen to me “I Wish That I Had Duck Feet” to my children!)  (One of my favorites as a child!!)

The poster Sarah made

Casual supper

All family events are now being well documented...

Sarah & Beanah

Reading "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet"

Everyone's books were a hit this year!

My favorite kind of gift - a new book!

A family who reads together stays together...

Meeting a Star!

November 28, 2008

Yesterday was D’Arcy’s 45th Birthday.  We managed to fit in a small celebration at suppertime.  I had spent the day at the school; it was the final Library Day for the kids, so we let every child in the school take home ten books to keep.  They were SO excited!!  One child even told us that it was the “best day of (his) whole life”!   After school, we decorated for the School Closing Ceremony tonight.  The school looks beautiful!  I’ll go back this afternoon to finish up all the last minute details. 

We had my parents here for Ruben’s at D’Arcy’s request and I made him a pumpkin gingerbread trifle for a cake and it was a hit!!


D’Arcy left the table to head to Cubs and the boys went with my parents to a Jaydee Bixby concert.  He was the Canadian Idol runner-up in 2007.   They had second row seats and were so excited when they arrived home.  They were actually able to meet him and talk to him and the whole band signed their tickets.  Jaydee even took the time to have his photo taken with them.  Now that’s a real star in my books!

Evan, Alex & Jaydee Bixby

Evan, Alex & Jaydee Bixby