We had some very high highs this weekend and some very low lows!

We were up and at the club again early Sunday morning for the  “Sudden-Death Red Division Quarter-Final”.

Evan had been fretting before the game and we heard him use the word “pressure” many times.  We told the kids that the only pressure we were putting on them was to go out and have fun, just like they did in every other game.

Todd took them over to the club, as he did the whole weekend and we followed behind.  They did everything as a team this weekend.  They had to have time to change their shoes, stretch out, sign in, etc.

We  grabbed seats upstairs in front of the window and waited for the game to start.  We watched and listened as other parents & coaches were giving their teams last-minute words of advice, but we stayed out of their way and left it all up to Todd.  When they hit the ice, we could tell that they weren’t as loose as they had been during the games the two days before.  The skip of the other team was from Chester and exuded confidence from the moment they were out on the ice.  I noticed that he had a big smile during the handshakes before the start of the game and was chatting easily in the house while the game was going on.  At the same time, Evan was looking stiff and serious.

As the game started, Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim arrived and then Ginna, Beanah & the girls showed up, although we hadn’t known they were coming.  Apparently, the girls had been awake early, so they decided to hop in the car and come back! Sarah, especially, didn’t seem so thrilled to be there.  We hadn’t brought the cooler in and she was looking for treats.

The first end was pretty evenly played, but the other team ended up stealing one.  The kids were having a hard time reading the ice, and in End 2 many of the first rocks thrown just slid right through.  They did managed to each have a rock in the house in the second end, but their’s was closer to the button and they ended up stealing another point in the second end.

In the third end, by the time it was Evan’s turn to throw, there were two rocks in the ring – one red & one blue and with red (them) lying shot. Evan and Lindsey discussed what to do and made the call that Evan would try to draw (a shot he’s confident with) to get at least one point.  Todd was frantically trying to catch their attention from behind the glass to call a time-out.  The skip of the other team noticed and pointed it out to Evan who did call a time out.

Todd suggested that rather than trying to draw for a maximum of one point, he should try to take out the red and then they would be ahead with two.  They went with that play and Evan missed the shot.  The other team stole a third point, putting our team under enormous pressure in the final end!  They had to get three to tie the game.

In the fourth end, they started filling up the house with rocks.  Their skip tried to knock one of ours out, but hit his own through instead.  We had a chance!!  Evan had hammer, and a chance to tie the game.  He threw his rock, but it didn’t make it into the house.  The other skip threw his last rock and knocked one of ours out, leaving us with no chance of taking three; the most we could get was two.

Evan conceded the game and they all shook hands.

Todd brought the kids upstairs and I could tell from the look on Evan’s face that he just wanted to be by himself.  He didn’t want anyone congratulating him or even talking to him because he was close to the breaking point.  We said our goodbyes to everyone who had come to cheer them on and sent my parents & the girls back home.  They had been planning to leave the girls with us, but hadn’t brought bathing suits and we hadn’t checked out of the hotel yet, not knowing what they day held.

The whole team went back downstairs to thank the officials for a great tournament and the other three were all joking around with one another and getting ready to go back to the hotel for a swim.  Evan was hanging back by himself and taking his time getting changed.  I tried to encourage him along and he asked me if he could spend the Lucky Loonie that my mother had given him before the tournament started.  I said, “Oh no, Evan.  I think she intended for that to be something that you keep with you to take for luck as you go on, but I have a Loonie here (holding it out to him) and you can spend that.”

And the tears started.

And once they started, he couldn’t stop.

He shut down in that moment and wouldn’t talk and refused to go back in the van with Todd and the team.  He just wanted to be by himself to wallow.  We all tried to encourage him to go with the team and the other kids were chanting “EVAN! EVAN! EVAN!” to no avail.  Finally, in the interest of getting back to the hotel, we sent the others on and he rode back with us.  During the ride, we tried to talk & reason with him, but he would have none of it. He shifted the blame to me, saying he was upset because I wouldn’t let him spend his own money!

I got out at the hotel while Evan went to park with D’Arcy.  I told Todd & Janice that I felt that the tears were not because they lost the game, but because he felt he had lost the game for the team.  He had been off and didn’t make any of his shots.  Everyone else knew that the team didn’t feel that way – except Evan.

I don’t know what else D’Arcy & Evan talked about while they parked the van, but it was close to an hour later when they came in to the hotel room with a helmet full of treats.  Evan apologized and gave me a big hug, then offered me a brownie he had bought for me.  He had a different treat for everyone there.  He got into his bathing suit and D’Arcy took him down to the pool while I packed up.  I went down when all our things were together and he was in the hot tub by himself while the rest of the kids frolicked in the pool.

We told them it was time to go upstairs because it would soon be lunch time and time to go.  Madison’s mom was chomping at the bit to get back to their family, so they were ready to leave as soon as Madison was changed.  We had a brief team meeting in the hall outside our rooms where Evan gave each of them the treat he had bought for them and said to them, “Thank you for being on my team.”  They talked about the tournament and the fact that during the first practice, Todd had wondered what he had gotten himself into because they were all having a hard time and couldn’t get their rocks across the hog-line.  That prompted a lot of laughter! We discussed what next year would bring.  Todd told us that in his mind, Evan is a natural Skip and that’s the position he would groom him for.  He’s a real thinker and understands the game.  At the same time, he told Evan that when you’re skip, you get to celebrate the highs, but you also own the lows and need to learn how to shake it off.  (Easier said than done when you’re eleven!)

They will be too old for pre-juniors next year, so have decided that Christopher will join the team and they want Alex to be their 5th.  Not sure if that will work because he’s two years younger than the others, but we’ll see what happens!  Todd is definitely interested in continuing on with them and we couldn’t ask for a better coach!

We all said our good-byes and we went to Grandma & Grandpa’s for lunch.  We had a great visit and Evan was actually quite pleasant.  Grandma even offered to let them take their lunch in front of the television, but they opted to stay at the table with us instead!  It’s not often that we get a quiet visit by ourselves with D’Arcy’s parents, so I think the boys felt quite special! We cut our visit short because we had to make another stop at Mike & Kim’s on the way out of the city; they had some stuff for us.  As it turned out, they had two antique curling stones – real ones, heavy ones – that they sent along with us.  They boys think they are great!

They slept all the way home and when we got here, Evan was shutting down again.  My parents realized what was going on and left fairly quickly.  As it turned out, the Women’s World Championship Curling was on, so we went back & forth between watching that and checking for the Little Rocks updates on the computer.  The team that won against us was knocked out in the next game.

Evan was still glum, so I dug out a book on “Curling like a Champion”, written by Colleen Jones, which D’Arcy had given me for Christmas a few years back.  I was trying to find some words of wisdom in it for him.  I showed him the book and pointed out that it even had diagrams of plays from actual big-name games.  People who we had met while we were at the Brier.  And then we saw that Jennifer Jones, who was  the skip of the team curling in the game we were watching on television at that moment had made a play similar to the one Evan missed and she had missed it too!


He started to talk and to open up.  He expressed his disappointment, and when I told him that no one on his team blames him for missing the shot, he replied quietly through his tears, “But I do.

We had a great night after that.  Evan was still glum, but not morose.  Alex kept telling me that he was just happy that they had made it to the Red Division in the first place!  We talked in their room long past bedtime, but it was good talking.  While we were up there, D’Arcy brought the laptop up with some video clips of some of their best shots of the weekend that he had set to music.  They made us all laugh and prompted Evan to start remembering the great shots he had made in the other games.

They have curling on Tuesday and Evan has decided to leave band early so he can go and be with his team.

After all, they have to start getting ready for Juniors!

Rock on!

March 6, 2010

Get it?  Rock on?  Yes, this post is all about curling!

Yesterday, the boys & I had an experience of a lifetime – we went to Halifax and met Kevin Martin and the whole Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Winning Curling Team.  Not only did we get to talk with them, get photos with them, and end up being interviewed for television, but the boys got to hold the Olympic Gold Medal!  (Sorry, but that’s so exciting, I think it needs to be capitalized!)

This plan all came together at the last minute.  I had known a couple of weeks ago that the Hot Shots Competition would be happening at the Brier yesterday afternoon and that it was general admission.  I thought about taking the boys, but it didn’t go much further than that.  Thursday night, one of our guests whose children are also pre-Junior curlers, asked if we would be going and told me that Kevin Martin was going to be there signing autographs with his gold medal.  When I heard that, my mind went into overdrive, trying to figure out how we could get there.

I first asked the boys if they’d like to go?  Duh.  Then I called my mother to see if she would be able to take the girls for the day?  No problem.  Next, I called the boys’ curling coach, Todd, to make sure curling was at four and explained to him what we were going to do, and that we would be back in time for practice.  As soon as I hung up, I realized that his daughter Lindsay, on the boys’ team, might like to come too, so I called back and invited her along.  Lastly, I called Madison’s family (whom I’d never met because D’Arcy usually looks after curling practice pick-up and my parents usually drop them off) and invited her so that the whole team could go together.  It was somewhat awkward, since I don’t know how willing I’d be to send the boys off to the city with strangers, but at least they had met D’Arcy and were able to find out more about us through Todd.  She was so excited to go, and I told her mother that she was welcome to come along too if she would like.

In the morning, we discovered that it wasn’t just Kevin Martin, but the whole Canadian curling team  that would be there.  I was happy to see that the snow had stopped and the roads were clear.  When talking to my mother about our plan, we made the connection that she had actually taught Madison in Grade Primary and that she was one of my mother’s favorite students!  Small world! Our friend Hope (who is 80) arrived at the door with a newspaper clipping for them to autograph.  I offered that she could come along, and she laughed but said she couldn’t stand that long.

With great excitement, we went to the school to pick up Evan, Alex & Lindsay.  Evan brought along a biography he’d written of Kevin Martin in the hopes he would sign that.  Lindsay’s mom (Alex’s teacher) was there to see them off.

The drive to Halifax was smooth, with the kids chattering away excitedly in the back.  We were able to find a parking spot with little problem and went through the underground tunnels to the Metro Centre.  Not knowing if we needed a ticket even though it was general admission, we stopped at the Box Office to inquire about protocol.  We were told that Team Martin would be signing autographs at 11:30 and the doors would open then.  I asked if that was what the group of people waiting by the doors was and the man told me yes, but that the team would be signing on the Brunswick St. Concourse so it would probably be faster to wait up there.  When we got to the Brunswick Street door, we realized that people there were waiting outside.  We made the decision to go back to where we were, inside & warm, figuring that we were early enough that we would surely get to meet him.

We got in line and then the kids went with Madison’s mom in search of a bathroom while I stayed in line.  They didn’t find a bathroom, but they did find the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame!  It seemed appropriate to get their photo taken in front of the curling display:

And since we still haven’t totally come down off Olympic Fever, we thought we’d get a team photo in front of Sidney Crosby’s mother’s dryer, complete with dents from his hockey pucks!

It didn’t take long before we got the kids to come back downstairs as the doors would soon open.  When they did, we all went upstairs in a nice, orderly fashion, and got into a new line – about 20 people away from Team Martin!!

In line, the team is sitting in front of the blue background

It's almost our turn!!

An Olympic Gold Medal!! They are quite heavy - Kevin Martin told them they can only wear them a short time before their necks get sore!

They were all so great with the kids and seemed so pleased to see young curlers!

Johnny Mo told them they HAD to be holding the medal in the photo! (It wasn't hard to convince them!)

Kevin Martin leaned into Evan and said "Your mother's hands are shaking!" I think Madison's mom got a better one...

One of the tv reporters caught sight of Kevin taking an interest in what Evan was showing him.  It was the biography he had written (which) Kevin did sign for him.

A drawing of Team Martin on the Podium, beating Team Howard in the Olympic Trials. Not sure Team Howard would have liked this picture so much!

Alex was somewhat put-out that I chose Evan to speak on camera rather than him because he considers himself the better speaker.  I tried to explain that Evan is the one who has been following curling since he was four years old and has been curling for three years.  Also, Evan is the “skip” of their team and had written the project that got them noticed.  I think he understood.

Getting miked

Being interviewed for television

After this television interview, they were also interviewed by the Canadian Curling Association’s reporter.

I think that our nephew Chris would be happy to know that on camera, Evan commented that he got interested in curling to start with because his cousin played and he loved to watch him!  Chris played on Team Fitzner-Leblanc up until he moved to Calgary last year.  Chris & Ian have curled together since they were seven years old and dreamed of going to the Brier.  I would imagine that it’s hard for Chris to be so far away right now; I know it’s hard for his mom, Kim, that he’s not here sharing this with Ian & the team!  We were lucky enough to run into Kim at the beginning of the day, so I got a few shots of her with the team too:

After all the excitement, we went inside and found our seats for the “Hot Shots” Skills Competition.  Each curler on each team plays six specific shots that are worth points.  The top eight highest scorers go on to the finals. (today)  The second for Team Manitoba got an almost un-heard of 29/30.  They played six teams at a time and Team Nova Scotia was in the second group, so we were only able to stay long enough to watch them warm-up, but at least they saw us and knew we were there wishing them well!  We got a text from our niece, Meghan, when we got home that Ian is in second place with 25/30 going into the finals!

While the first group was curling, we noticed that Team Gushue was sitting behind us.  (For those non-curlers, they are representing Newfoundland, but were the Gold Medal winners in the 2006 Olympics!)  We went over to get their autographs and while there, the guys asked the kids who they were rooting for?  Madison declared, “PEI!”, while the boys stated, “Nova Scotia!”  The Team laughed and one said, “Well then no autographs for you!”  They realized what they had done and everyone had a great laugh!  We got their autographs, but unfortunately didn’t get a photo.

We got to see how they re-surface the ice, in between groups.  It was fun to watch them shave, pebble & “rock” each sheet of ice.  Even more fun was learning that team Gushue likes to throw around the football while they’re waiting!


"Pebbling" the ice

"Rocking" the ice

Team Howard

Brad Gushue

We gave a huge cheer when Ian & team hit the ice!

Taking photos of their heros

Too soon, we had to get ready to leave so that we’d be home in time for – curling practice!  We had a fun, but windy drive home and the kids were still bouncing when we got to the Curling Club.  Todd was able to get some practice out of them.

When practice was over, we all went upstairs to the bar to watch their television segment.  They were very excited and the men who were there having a drink were teasing them, asking for their autographs!

It was such a fantastic experience.  We all tried to stay awake to see them again at eleven, but it was futile.  Too much excitement and we were asleep in our chairs.  Good thing we taped it!  Now to practice, practice, practice and get ready for their first competition as a team.  I wonder if we’ll be seeing them at the Brier or the Olympics someday?

Oh yeah – hurry hard!!

Change of Schedule

March 4, 2010

So I just had to change our schedule this week over there in the sidebar.  (I’m so excited!)  We just found out today that Kevin Martin is going to be at the Brier in Halifax tomorrow, signing autographs and getting photos taken with people while wearing his Olympic Gold Medal. (I think that deserved to be capitalized and italicized!)  I will be picking Evan & Alex up from school in the morning, along with Lindsey & Maddison (the two girls on their curling team) and will take the four of them to meet Kevin, and get their photos taken with him (and his medal!)  I asked Evan what he was going to take to get him to autograph??  D’Arcy suggested he ask Kevin to sign his underwear and tell him it’s “the final end”.

Evan has decided he will take the biography he’s been writing about Kevin Martin and get him to sign that instead.

Afterwards, we’re going to go and wish Team Nova Scotia well.  We’ve been following them since they were Juniors and our nephew, Chris, was on their team.  They’ve stayed with us a number of times when they’ve curled in this area (and never been defeated when staying here, I might add!) so we feel a sense of ownership with them.  Watching them on television when they were at Nationals as Juniors is what got Evan (and then Alex through Evan) hooked on curling in the first place.  We’ll watch some of the “Hot Shots” competition and then head home in time for curling practice.

Now, for a change, I’m not hoping for a snow day.  Team Fitzner-LeBlanc have curled together since they were seven.  Who’s to say where this team of pre-juniors may end up with the right inspiration?!

Various Matters

February 4, 2010

*I have discovered how to ensure that none of my children will ask for a bite of my sandwich: add pickles.  In fact, by adding enough, they will hold their noses and run away.  (Perhaps if I just carried an open jar of pickles around, I could buy myself some alone-time; wish I’d discovered this one years ago…)

*Still haven’t found the missing Valentines.  Going out and buying another box will guarantee that they are found, but negates the great buy of purchasing them for a dollar weeks ago.

*I fed my family salmon burgers on home-made whole-wheat buns for supper last night.  Olivia took one look and put herself to bed, sleeping until 7:30 this morning.  Must remember that recipe for future cranky days…

*I had a wonderful, fun visit getting caught up with my childhood friend, Carla yesterday.  She was visiting from Ontario with her husband Mark & son Jack.  Neither Carla nor I could remember the last time we’d seen each other (she moved away in Grade nine) but we were as comfortable as if we’d seen each other last week.  It was fun to have an eight-month-old in the house too!  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos, but she’s hoping to be here this summer for the Reunion.

*My daughters do a great imitation of Jack Sprat and his wife.  When eating leftover supper for lunch, Olivia had a plate-full of only spare ribs & rice while Sarah would eat only squash & broccoli.

*Still looking for the missing library books…  Sarah asked this morning, “Is there anywhere we haven’t looked yet?”  I don’t think so, but there must be since they have to be in the house somewhere.   I guess we’ll have to renew them to buy ourselves some more time.  When my brother was about this age, one of his library books went missing.  My mother searched and searched all over their house.  (Sound familiar?)  Eventually, it turned up under the crisper in the fridge where he had hidden it; he loved the book so much he didn’t want to return it! (Yes, I’ve checked there too!)

*I’m currently selling cheese (band), blueberries (school) and hanging baskets (choir).  The cheese really sells well, hanging baskets in Nova Scotia in February – not so much!  (They won’t actually be delivered until May.)  Of course there are 588 kids around town selling blueberries, so who’s left to sell them to?!  If you are interested in any of the above, just leave me a comment!

*I kept track of all our grocery receipts last month since we’re trying to be more frugal.  There are some things we’d like to do to the house this year on top of the maintenance we have to do and the money has to come from somewhere!  We spent $1277.63 on groceries, 11.63 eating out (I treated Olivia & Alex to a trip through the McDonald’s drive thru after their appointments at the IWK) and zero on alcohol.  D’Arcy freaked out a bit when I told him that number, but if you work it out, it equates to $6.87 per person per day.  We’ll see how we do this month…

*When we registered Sarah for school last week, we expressed an interest in French Immersion.  Yesterday, we had a call that enrollment for that program was lower than expected, so they have extended the deadline until March 10th.  Back when the boys first went to school, there was a lottery to get your child into a French Immersion class!  How things can change in only a few years!

*The other night, our seats at the supper table all got switched around.  Sarah was sitting in her father’s seat and he was sitting in Alex’s seat.  As a result, he was pretending to be one of the kids and started playing with his carrots, becoming a walrus, unicorn, etc.  The rest of the children joined in, brining much laughter while their mother told them not to play with their food.  Now they ‘re asking to have carrots every night…

*From the sounds of things, D’Arcy’s Thesis will not be defended in time to walk across the stage in May. Bummer. He’s still going to try to have it finished ASAP so that it is no longer hanging over his head. December graduation, here we come…

*We went curling at a fun-spiel on the weekends with our friends. We drew tiles to be assigned teams and I happened to be put on a team with a man who didn’t seem to realize that it was “fun night”. He got after me in the first game because I had my broom in the wrong place when he was delivering the shot. One of the other men on my team told me that no one ever wants to curl with this man because he’s an a**. Later, I was spoken to again, for talking to our friend Janice, who was on the opposing team in that game, as he was delivering his shot. We ended up winning both of our games and at the end of the evening, as he was leaving, this cranky man said to me, “You were pretty good – for someone who doesn’t curl!” Gee thanks! Can we curl together again sometime?? All in all the evening was really fun and it was great to get out on a “date”. I’m hoping that Evan, Alex, D’Arcy & I will be able to make up a team in the family curling event this year!

Back to regularly scheduled life…

It was a big day yesterday for Olivia & Evan.

We finally got the call that Olivia has an appointment with the pediatric GI specialist at the IWK!!  (May 7th)  She was referred last July, so the appointment has been a long time coming!

Evan had his year-end curling banquet last night.  I thought it was at 5:30, but it actually started at 6:30, so we headed back out to the van.  Since the whole family was there, on the spur-of-the-moment we decided to go to McDonald’s for supper and went in.  We did the wipe down of the booth & the benches and Olivia had a hamburger happy meal with an apple juice.  That is, a plain hamburger patty with ketchup (no bun) and french fries.  It was the first time she’d ever had french fries and she LOVED them.  I wish we’d had the camera with us!  She ate every single one and sucked the rest of the ketchup out of the little paper cup.  (She ate one bite of her hamburger patty and declared it “yucky!”)

The other kids were disappointed that they weren’t allowed in the playroom, but when we explained why, they seemed to understand.  Alex had the hardest time with it.  When it was time to leave, Olivia didn’t want to go.  I ended up picking her up and carrying her out under my arm while she yelled, “‘Donald’s!  ‘Donald’s!  Stay!!”

She did have some hives before we left the restaurant, but I gave her some anti-histimine when we got in the van and we watched her carefully until she went to bed.  She had no other ill effects and the hives could have been from anything she touched in the restaurant…

We got Evan back to his curling banquet at the correct time (he had only had a milkshake at the restaurant) and he was pleased to learn that one of his friends had sent a message for Evan to save a seat for him.  He arrived home from the banquet grinning ear-to-ear because he had won the GOLD medal in the Pre-Junior Skills Competition!  Talk about proud!  Only six of the Pre-Juniors received anything – the gold, silver & bronze for the skills competition, two for perfect attendance and one other which he told me but I forget.  He has received participation medals in the past for baseball & running, but he told me before he went to bed that “It feels really good to earn a medal instead of receiving it just for participating!”  

It’s moments like that which make it all the juggling and running around worthwhile!

It was a busy, family-filled weekend.  We spent Friday putting the house back in order and I am so happy that we got finished!  There were some tense moments while D’Arcy & I moved the piano to it’s new home in the living room after the kids went to bed, but we did it with only one small mark to the floor and only a few swear words between us.  

The boys were up and out to their basketball tournament by 7:40 Saturday morning.  There was still a ton of clean-up and dust to look after, so the girls and I stayed behind for the first two games, and went over to watch each play their last game.  I do love to watch them and look forward to the day I can really watch the game instead of watching snippets while trying to keep their sisters off the court…  The lighting wasn’t great for photos, but here are a few:


Alex on the court

Alex on the court


Evan on the court

Evan on the court


Watching Evan's game

Watching Evan's game


Waiting for the game to finish

Waiting for the game to finish

Playing together to keep Olivia (&Alex!) occupied!

Playing together to keep Olivia (&Alex!) occupied!

Right at the end of Evan’s game, Olivia fell down the stairs where we were sitting and got a huge scrape on her back when she fell against the doorstop.  I ended up taking her out, screaming.  I stopped to talk to another parent on the way out, and Olivia did a face-plant on the sidewalk!  It wasn’t her day!  She fell asleep in the van and we took the kids through the McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch.

When we arrived home, Michael, Emily & Phinn were already in our driveway, talking to Karen, Kevin & the boys.  We had such a fun visit with them and I got some good cuddle time with Phinn!  He was as good as gold whenever I held him and hardly fussed at all – even though his first tooth popped through during the visit!  His cousins were all in love with him and he got passed from person to person…


Surrounded by the girls

Surrounded by the girls

Surrounded by all the kids (notice Olivia is grabbing for him in every photo!)

Surrounded by all the kids (notice Olivia is grabbing for him in every photo!)


Olivia & Phinn - love the headband!

Olivia & Phinn - love the headband!

Alex & Phinn

Alex & Phinn


They brought tattoos...

They brought tattoos...

A bit of fun with cousin Mike - at one point I had to explain that "Actually, Mike is a grown-up!"

A bit of fun with cousin Mike - at one point I had to explain that "Actually, Mike is a grown-up!"

We ended up calling Karen & Kevin & the boys and they came down to join us for homemade pizzas.  The cousins all played outside for a bit and then watched a movie together while the rest of us ate.

Sunday, was a beautiful Spring day!  D’Arcy & Evan headed over to the Curling Club in the morning for the family bonspeil and Alex, Sarah, Olivia & I walked over to watch.  Unfortunately, they lost the game we watched, but won their second one.  Evan was thrilled to win a shirt, a game & $5!


D'Arcy & Evan, sweeping

D'Arcy & Evan, sweeping

Evan (and we!) thought it was pretty neat they used a picture of him on the poster!

Evan (and we!) thought it was pretty neat they used a picture of him on the poster!

Alex is competing in the Music Festival this week, so he & Maddie practiced “Jolly Holiday” from “Mary Poppins” at our place in the afternoon.


"Mary & Bert"

"Mary & Bert"

When D’Arcy & Evan got home, we all played outside in the sunshine with NO jackets!  (First time this year!)  D’Arcy cut down  back one of our Mock Oranges before the chain-saw quit.  


A man and his chain saw!

A man and his chain saw!

I barbequed (again, a first of the season!) and had a small fire.  Everybody was tired & worn out by the time supper was over and went to bed quickly.  Evan was tired enough, that he started to spill a lot of feelings he’d been bottling up about how much he hates school right now, etc.  I actually held him on my lap and we talked a lot of things out.  I don’t know how to make it better for him at the moment, but as long as he knows we love him and he can talk to us whenever, hopefully he’ll be alright.

In the meantime, both he & Alex said they want me to go to the School Opening today, so off I go…