High School Reunion

July 29, 2009

I graduated from high school in 1990.

19 years ago.  Where did the time go?

Oh right:  university degree, marriage, four children, Bed & Breakfast…  It’s funny, but I still feel like High School was just a year or two ago.

I was part of the “A Class”  (I think I was Treasurer, but I can’t really remember.)  I couldn’t have realized at the time that part of the job description was not just planning Graduation activities, but also planning High School Reunions!  We haven’t had a reunion yet (slackers!), so since next year is 20 years, the former “A Class” got together here for lunch and started making plans while everyone was in town.

19 Years Later...

19 Years Later...

We’ve set a date of July 23rd – 26th, 2010 and are looking into options such as a run, a golf tournament (raising money for a scholarship in the names of those classmates no longer with us), a wine & cheese, family activities at the swimming pool in the park, and a dance.  We’ve decided to invite the classes of ’88 – ’92 since so many friendships overlapped the years.

We had a ball getting caught up over lunch (I don’t think I’d seen Heather since graduation!) and pouring over our old yearbooks.

The Class of ’89’s reunion is being held this weekend, so we’ll be interested in seeing how that goes.  We hope we’ll have a great turnout.  If so, maybe we won’t wait 20 years until the next one.


Whoever came up with that phrase obviously didn’t have four children and run a thriving Bed & Breakfast while their husband writes his Masters Thesis!

This week, we took Evan to basketball camp about an hour-and-a-half away from here, where he stayed with friends of ours. He LOVED it! I think it was his first real taste of (sort of) freedom and he got to eat at the university cafeteria, make new friends, go to a stranger’s birthday party, and have a week-long sleepover with his good buddy! I think they played some basketball too… When I was unpacking his suitcase tonight to do his laundry, I discovered that the new bar of soap I packed for him has not been used.

Oh, to be ten again…

Alex was participating in a basketball day camp here in town from Monday – Wednesday. (We thought it went ’till Thursday, but the doors were locked when we tried to drop him off that morning…) He had to miss Tuesday because he had an eye appointment in the city. This was the first time that we were booked at the brand new satellite eye clinic that the children’s hospital has opened, located about 20 minutes closer to our home. There was a snafu with his chart (they had sent the wrong ones from the hospital) so we did have an extra wait, but they gave us a free parking voucher and we took advantage of the time together to have a Tim Horton’s date. (Usually this is forbidden because of the risk it poses to Olivia!)

At this appointment, he didn’t make any much progress, so he is back on Atropine drops full time and we have to put the plaino lens back in the “good” side of his glasses. He has regressed three lines from his best vision, which is so disappointing for all of us, and devastating to Alex!!

After we were through with his appointment, we went to the Chickenburger in Bedford (we love that place!) where we had burgers, clams & onion rings. YUM! I gave Alex a loonie to put into the juke box, but because he couldn’t see the playlists (his eyes were dilated) he pressed “popular” for the first three songs. He ended up with “Monster Mash”, “Rock Around the Clock” and “Piano Man”. When it came time for the fourth song, he asked if I would go find an Elvis tune. I couldn’t resist programing the song “Roll with me Henry” by Etta James to come on, and he laughed! That’s our song… (His middle name is Henry!)

We went to Costco and he used his debit card to buy me a new iron. He was so proud to do it because he had worked so hard to earn that money! After we took it to the van, he told me that he won’t play with it anymore because he really wants to buy a wii and he’s going to save for one thing at a time!

He was lucky enough to be invited to his friend’s cottage on the Northumberland Strait on Thursday, so went and came home with a bag full of beach glass.  He also got to have supper at her house so dodged the bullet on having hodge-podge with us here…

Sarah & Olivia went to the Library with Ginna one day and got to spend time with their grandparents couple of days this week.  They love to hang out at their house with them!  The girls were missing “Bobby” though, and asked for him often.

My childhood friend, Janelle, has been home this week, so we had her & her husband over for drinks early in the week, and we went running one morning.  I made lunch today for her and two other friends (salad, coconut ginger rice & coriander ginger crab (and lobster) cakes) while we started to plan our 20th high school reunion.  Yikes!  We met up this afternoon at the playground with four girls and will try to fit in one last run tomorrow  at 6am before they leave.

The girls & Ginna & I went shopping yesterday and I found a dress for me and shoes for the girls for Chris & Lisa’s wedding which is coming up on August 8th.  Now we just need to get the men outfitted…

D’Arcy continues to work on his Thesis and is trying to get the interviews he’s conducted transcribed.  It took him 20 minutes to type the first minute.  I’m hoping he’ll graduate this fall…  He’s very good about going with the flow, and will switch gears physically whenever I ask.  I’ve come to terms with the fact he’ll be thinking about it until graduation!  We did go for a run together this week while both boys were at basketball camp.  We put the girls in the double stroller and D’Arcy pushed.  We went about 8k and although I slowed him down, it was fun to get out together!

My parents took Alex & Sarah to a play tonight which they loved and D’Arcy is supposed to sail in a race with Uncle Hug tomorrow afternoon.  I’d like to fit a trip to Halifax to see the Tall Ships in, but that may be pushing it…

So lazy days of summer?  Not really, but we are making lots of happy busy  summer memories nonetheless!