Sarah started taking Highland Dance lessons this year and it is so adorable to watch her.

She loves it!

This is a good thing because before she was born, D’Arcy used to say that if we ever had daughters, he hoped they’d be highland dancers.  Apparently, the very best students he’s ever had have been dancers.  It teaches organization, discipline & self-confidence, among other things.

Earlier this month, her dance teacher sent me an email which said, “Sarah is capable of doing both Starlight tests. You can’t do the second one without doing the first; not allowed. Sarah is progressing very nicely and it looks like she is nearly ready to try competitions, just have a little to fix on pas de basques and high cuts. She has potential.  Sarah is one of the ones that comes in and you just hope they stick with it because the talent is so obvious.”

So Easter Monday, she took both Starlight 1 & Starlight 2 tests.

For these tests, she had to wear a white blouse with 3/4 sleeves, kilt, knee socks & highland dance slippers.  (She doesn’t have to wear a vest until her first competition.) Her hair had to be in a bun.  As it turned out, we should have had her bangs slicked back, but we’ll know that for next time! She was very excited to be dressed up like a real dancer, and wearing my old kilt!

She went right in to the exam room each time without any trepidation and came out smiling!  She told us she had to skip, bow, show some different positions and various other things.  I’m not sure at what point we’ll get her results, but it really doesn’t matter.  She’s just happy to be a “real” highland dancer!


Forget about looking like Christmas – it’s now starting to sound like Christmas!  It has been a week of concerts, recitals & plays.  I was feeling somewhat bah humbug about all the extra events this week, but when sitting through Alex’s Boys’ Choir concert on Saturday night, I realized that this is what Christmas is all about.  I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the music.

Sunday, the boys performed in “The Drowsy Shepherd” at the United Church.  They were great!  The play was clever & funny, nobody forgot their lines and Alex did a wonderful job on his solo.  He was a shepherd and Evan was a sheep!  I thought he would be embarrassed to wear the sheep “mask”, but he just pretended he was a cloud…

When the play was over, we had just under an hour to get Sarah to her highland dance recital.  My parents took Olivia home with them for lunch so that we could feed the others a quick lunch at Subway.  They met us at the Recital.  I love watching the little ones when they are just starting out; we were pretty proud when people approached us afterwards to say that we have to make sure to keep Sarah dancing because she’s a natural!  She loved it – everything except getting her hair into a bun!

The Dancers

We rushed home from that to get ready for our last B&B dinner of the Christmas Season, a group of hairdressers who have been coming here for the past four years.  Oh my, do they have fun!!  Oh, and D’Arcy also got the rink set up in that time too as it’s supposed to get cold this week…  (Heaven forbid we take a moment to relax in a clean house!)

Yesterday, I went to Halifax for a beautiful luncheon/Tourism Conference wrap-up meeting at the Prince George hotel and then managed to get a Costco run in while in the city.  I got home in time to throw some pancakes on to feed the kids for supper between band, dance & choir and Evan’s band concert.  He did a great job and we were really proud of him.  We were all really tired by this point.  I had to laugh when I told Sarah to stop staring at the people sitting in the row behind us and she replied, “but he’s just like my dad – sleeping!”

I didn't notice my dad reading the e-book before I saw this photo!

Unfortunately, the only photo we got of Evan as the lighting in the gym was tricking Alex's camera.

We took the long way home to see some of the Christmas lights.  Tonight we have the boys’ elementary school concert and Friday is Sarah’s preschool concert which ends with a visit from Santa.

If we’re not into the Christmas Spirit by then, we never will be!