Change of Schedule

March 4, 2010

So I just had to change our schedule this week over there in the sidebar.  (I’m so excited!)  We just found out today that Kevin Martin is going to be at the Brier in Halifax tomorrow, signing autographs and getting photos taken with people while wearing his Olympic Gold Medal. (I think that deserved to be capitalized and italicized!)  I will be picking Evan & Alex up from school in the morning, along with Lindsey & Maddison (the two girls on their curling team) and will take the four of them to meet Kevin, and get their photos taken with him (and his medal!)  I asked Evan what he was going to take to get him to autograph??  D’Arcy suggested he ask Kevin to sign his underwear and tell him it’s “the final end”.

Evan has decided he will take the biography he’s been writing about Kevin Martin and get him to sign that instead.

Afterwards, we’re going to go and wish Team Nova Scotia well.  We’ve been following them since they were Juniors and our nephew, Chris, was on their team.  They’ve stayed with us a number of times when they’ve curled in this area (and never been defeated when staying here, I might add!) so we feel a sense of ownership with them.  Watching them on television when they were at Nationals as Juniors is what got Evan (and then Alex through Evan) hooked on curling in the first place.  We’ll watch some of the “Hot Shots” competition and then head home in time for curling practice.

Now, for a change, I’m not hoping for a snow day.  Team Fitzner-LeBlanc have curled together since they were seven.  Who’s to say where this team of pre-juniors may end up with the right inspiration?!