One of the things I really wanted to do while in Newfoundland was to have a picnic at Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics. Back in October, during Atlantic Canada Showcase, I had eaten lunch with Jill, who owns the Lighthouse.  I fell in love with the concept and put it on my must-do list.

Brianna was scheduled for heart tests, so we had already made plans to take Nate with us, meeting up with him after he finished gymnastics in the morning.  It turned out that Shelley has known Jill for years and when I told her we were going to the lighthouse for lunch, she decided to join us.  The weatherman was calling for the fog to lift during the morning to reveal sunny skies with a high of 12*C.

It did brighten for a short bit during the drive and Nate told me he could see the sun out his window!  However, as we got closer to ferryland, the fog got thicker and the wind picked up.  When we got to the lighthouse, we realized that the girls’ skirts had been optimistic and they changed into jogging pants in the van.  We hiked up the 20 minute walk through the trees to the lighthouse and placed our order.  It was windy and cold, so we decided to eat inside.  We got ourselves set up at a picnic type table downstairs in the old coal room.  It was dark and smelled damp.  We saw some other families go past the window with their picnic blankets, and I made the decision that we would find some sheltering rocks and give outside a try!

In the shelter of the trees, hiking to the lighthouse

A beautiful day to picnic by the ocean!

Ahhh.... peace!

We all trooped out, and Sarah immediately started complaining about being cold.  We got her another blanket and wrapped her up in it.  The food was delivered to us in a giant wicker basket and our lemonade in mason jars.  Sarah was starting to come around when her tooth came out in her first bit of sandwich!  Disaster!  There was a fair bit of blood and she started to wail!  She refused to eat the rest of her sandwich. I had to break it into the tiniest bites and she still only consumed half of it.  But my piece of gingerbread cake?  That went down just fine and finally stopped the whining!  Evan declared his the best grilled cheese sandwich he’d ever had had – even better than his friend Alexander’s mom makes!  That’s quite a compliment!

Comforting a cold & starving Sarah

Here comes lunch!

The food was amazing!

Another lost tooth!

Traumatized again!

Nothing that gingerbread with vanilla sauce can't cure...

We went back into the lighthouse to warm up and visited with Jill while D’Arcy & the boys went geocaching.  They had to give up when the battery on D’Arcy’s phone died.  We bundled back up and hiked back to the van.

Time to go

Looking at the sheep on the nearby Island while walking back to the van

D’Arcy had just plugged his phone in to charge (Mine had no service once we were outside St. John’s) when it rang and Dave asked to speak to me.  Sandy had mentioned at Brianna’s appointment how miserable she was and when they checked her, they discovered she had a 6.5 cm abcess which had to be surgically removed – immediately.  We told Dave we would keep Nate with us until we heard from him again.  We kept quiet to Nate about what was happening and headed back toward Torbay to visit with another friend, Krista, whom I met on the ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia in 1981.  We have kept in touch and visited over the years.  It was her wedding last summer that prompted us to plan this trip originally.

We had plugged her address into the GPS, but chose the wrong street type and ended up at the wrong address.  When we realized what we had done, we had another 22 minute drive to get to their place.  We finally arrived and started to visit.  She had dug out photos from some of our visits over the years and even a copy of my Grade 6 yearbook that I’d sent her!  What fun to go through that!!  The kids all had fun playing with her son Dylan in their backyard.

An oblivious - and very tired - Nate

With Krista - friends since 1981 when we met on the Ferry!

The kids with Nate & Dylan

While we were visiting, Dave called to say that Sandy was out of surgery and was being discharged.  He needed us to meet him right away to help look after Brianna.  We said hasty goodbyes and went back to the Pearces’ house.  I went into the house with Sandy & the baby to get them settled while D’Arcy and the kids took Dave back to the hospital to pick up their other car.  Because she’d had Demerol, Brianna had to have a few feedings of formula.  I started to sterilize the bottles and give Dave a lesson in bottle feeding while Sandy went to bed.  The kids all stayed in the van watching a movie, and I’m begrudgingly admitting that the built in DVD player has come in handy a couple of times this trip!

We got Brianna fed (By the way, all her appointments had perfect results and she’d gained a whole pound in two weeks and is now 8lbs, 2oz.) and took Nate back to our place to feed him supper.  D’Arcy hung the tent out on the line to air it out and got the sleeping bags rolled back up.  He played catch with the kids in the backyard while I barbequed the end of our sausages, carrots & potatoes.

Having our last dinner in St. John's - with Nate!

We took Nate back to his house after we all had supper and the girls & I got to feed Brianna a bottle and put her to sleep while Dave got Nate settled.  We said our goodbyes, and I left feeling guilty that we were leaving in the morning.  I’m glad that we were at least able to help out for two days.

Olivia fell asleep in her car seat on the way back to Dave’s mom’s and we just transferred her straight into her bed.  Sarah had a bath and made sure her tooth was ready for the tooth fairy before going to bed and the boys went shortly after.  D’Arcy & I scurried around getting everything packed up and organized for St. Pierre, and set our alarms for 5:30 so that we could be on the road to Fortune, a four hour drive, at 6 a.m.