Bragging Rights!

March 8, 2010

I think I’m about to burst, I’m so proud!  The boys’ report cards couldn’t have been any better!  Some excerpts:

“…Evan’s project surpassed the model we were using as teachers, and therefore, all grade five students were shown Evan’s project as an example of what a strong project would look like.  Evan combined careful research, strong organizational abilities, and meticulous attention to each detail in his illustrations and other text features to create a project that stood head and shoulders above the rest.”

“Evan’s contributions to classroom discussions have demonstrated his strong knowledge base in history as well as geography, and he has exceeded program expectations.”

“Alex is a terrific role model for any student.  He continues to be a very conscientious student who celebrates the successes of himself and his fellow classmates.”

“Listening to others’ ideas and opinions is a strength for Alex.  He understands when to speak and when to listen.”

Then we got this snippet in an email from Sarah’s Highland Dance teacher, when discussing the fact that Sarah is ready for testing in Level 2 even though she just started dancing this year:  “Sarah is one of the ones that comes in and you just hope they stick with it because the talent is so obvious.”

As for Olivia, she can now spell each of her family members’ names, and she went the entire day without getting sent to time-out!

This is the kind of day that makes the hairy ones worth it!