School Girl

May 18, 2010

Yesterday, Sarah got to go to the school for Primary orientation.  How exciting!

She had received her invitation in the mail last week and had been carefully guarding it from her siblings.  She put on her prettiest princess dress for the occasion, even though I suggested that she might be over-dressed for her fire-hall tour with the preschool, immediately following! How could I argue with the logic that it was a very special day, so she needed to wear her special dress?!

We got to the school with all the other children – there are currently 70 children registered in the school for English Primary, and 18 in the French Immersion class.  She was put into group “1” of four with one of her best friends, Katerina, and with Kaylee and Ella, whom she knew from dance class.

At the first station, they listened to one of the Primary teachers read them a story and answer questions, the second was to play with play-dough (building fine motor skills), the third was following directions (print their name at the “top” of the paper, draw their favourite foods, then cut and glue some other pictures from the flyers), and the fourth station was identifying lower case letters with magnets.

Sarah & Katerina

At each station, they met a different teacher and were given a bag of goodies at the end.  The bag contained three books (one in French), construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, a pencil, a container of play-dough and some magnetized upper & lower case letters & numbers.  Sarah was so excited by this, she has carried it everywhere and even slept with the bag last night!

We met some of the other children who will be in her class and know two-thirds of them already.  We were interested to learn that the class will be made up of an even split of boys and girls!  She will get a call in another couple of weeks with a time that she can go to school and spend the morning with the primaries while they are in class.

The hardest part now will be waiting for September for school to start!