True Confessions

August 26, 2009

D’Arcy took Alex & Olivia to Evan’s baseball game in the park tonight.  When they got home, Alex asked D’Arcy if the granola bar he had was safe for Olivia?  Turns out he’d already given her some in the van!!  (Apparently they WERE safe – phew!)

Also, Sarah confessed tonight.  Almost a full year ago, “Olivia” set off two of her epipens!  Click here for the story. Tonight, Sarah confessed to her father that she was the one who set them off and said that Olivia did it so she wouldn’t get into trouble.  It’s lucky for her that we have a “tell the truth and you don’t get into as much trouble” rule here!  (That, and the fact she was still three at the time…)

I guess that does go to show that the truth does always come out eventually!!

I confess that I just never know what each day will bring!!

It was a big day yesterday for Olivia & Evan.

We finally got the call that Olivia has an appointment with the pediatric GI specialist at the IWK!!  (May 7th)  She was referred last July, so the appointment has been a long time coming!

Evan had his year-end curling banquet last night.  I thought it was at 5:30, but it actually started at 6:30, so we headed back out to the van.  Since the whole family was there, on the spur-of-the-moment we decided to go to McDonald’s for supper and went in.  We did the wipe down of the booth & the benches and Olivia had a hamburger happy meal with an apple juice.  That is, a plain hamburger patty with ketchup (no bun) and french fries.  It was the first time she’d ever had french fries and she LOVED them.  I wish we’d had the camera with us!  She ate every single one and sucked the rest of the ketchup out of the little paper cup.  (She ate one bite of her hamburger patty and declared it “yucky!”)

The other kids were disappointed that they weren’t allowed in the playroom, but when we explained why, they seemed to understand.  Alex had the hardest time with it.  When it was time to leave, Olivia didn’t want to go.  I ended up picking her up and carrying her out under my arm while she yelled, “‘Donald’s!  ‘Donald’s!  Stay!!”

She did have some hives before we left the restaurant, but I gave her some anti-histimine when we got in the van and we watched her carefully until she went to bed.  She had no other ill effects and the hives could have been from anything she touched in the restaurant…

We got Evan back to his curling banquet at the correct time (he had only had a milkshake at the restaurant) and he was pleased to learn that one of his friends had sent a message for Evan to save a seat for him.  He arrived home from the banquet grinning ear-to-ear because he had won the GOLD medal in the Pre-Junior Skills Competition!  Talk about proud!  Only six of the Pre-Juniors received anything – the gold, silver & bronze for the skills competition, two for perfect attendance and one other which he told me but I forget.  He has received participation medals in the past for baseball & running, but he told me before he went to bed that “It feels really good to earn a medal instead of receiving it just for participating!”  

It’s moments like that which make it all the juggling and running around worthwhile!